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Dr. Amy Loewenhaar-Blauweiss will get to the root of your issues

Have you been feeling fatigued and worn-out for a while? Is it difficult for you to concentrate and make decisions? Are you struggling with guilt and feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness? All of those are signs of depression.

Depression is a serious illness that can affect anyone. You may feel like it’s not worth it to seek help, but Dr. Amy Loewenhaar-Blauweiss, Psychoanalytic Practitioner can get to the root of your issues and guide you toward a healthy mental state. She offers depression and anxiety counseling in Rosendale & Kingston, NY. She has the training and experience to figure out where your anxiety and depression is stemming from and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

You weren’t always anxious or depressed. Contact Dr. Amy today to get back to living a happy life again.

Debunking depression myths

Debunking depression myths

There are a variety of myths about depression that keep people from seeking the treatment they need. Take a look at some of them below:

  1. Working harder won’t cure it. Throwing yourself into your work may help with mild depression, but major depression needs professional treatment.
  2. Suffering from depression doesn’t mean you’re lazy or just feeling sorry for yourself. Clinical depression is a medical illness that can improve with the right treatment.
  3. Depression doesn’t always manifest itself through crying. Some people are emotionless but still feel worthless.

Don’t let misconceptions about depression or anxiety keep you from setting up an appointment with Dr. Amy. Dial 212-627-5861 now for your free initial session. You’ll discuss your past medical and mental health history, your treatment history and your family history to aid the counseling process.