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Substance abuse can sneak up on you quickly. One minute you’re partaking in a drug once or twice, the next you can’t stop thinking about your next fix. Don’t let substances control your life. Contact Dr. Amy Loewenhaar-Blauweiss, Psychoanalytic Practitioner in Rosendale & Kingston, NY for substance abuse counseling right away.

Dr. Amy has extensive experience dealing with a variety of substance abuse issues. Her ultimate goal is always to help you reduce or end your use of the substance. To get there, she’ll figure out when the substance abuse started, what’s worked as far as treatment and what your main triggers are. She’ll also ask about your daily routine and family dynamic to determine if any issues in that realm need to be resolved first.

Get in touch with Dr. Amy now to develop goals and set up your regular sessions.

Signs of alcohol abuse

Signs of alcohol abuse

Not sure if your alcohol usage is abusive? Check out these signs of alcohol abuse:

  1. You’re not as involved in your extracurricular activities.
  2. You’ve lost interest in work or school.
  3. You’re depressed.
  4. You’re not interested in your family or friends.
  5. You think about drinking constantly and can’t control your drinking.
  6. You’re exhibiting violent and erratic behavior.

If you’ve noticed these signs in yourself or in a loved one, visit our office to see how we can help. Dr. Amy specializes in alcohol and opioid addictions.